Wednesday, May 31, 2006

World Cup 2006

9 days before to World Cup, this morning a friend of mine's sms message tone wake me up, asking who win last night friendly match. Oh! yes last night England faced Hungary to test their strength and weakness for good performance in next stage. I checked the result on the net. As I expected, England slaughter Hungary with 3-0 win, Gerrald, Terry and Crouch scored.

I used to watch World Cup eagerly when it was held in 1994, 1996 and 2000. No doubt 2006 will be great match though I will be away from screen most of the matches. Due to staying under tight pressure in other country, I don't have a heart to enjoy life anymore. Life for the moment is really sucks.

Monday, May 29, 2006 - It's good to be Sure...

Today, I just find out another cool site. And this one is more straightforward than Process List, I posted yesterday. The different is that you just type whatever file, not just .exe file, you want to know in the search box. It will show you what that file is.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Process List

You may wonder as to how come some program like yahoo messenger starting up automatically as I used to confuse before, everytime you switch on a pc. They are called start up program and you can check them by right clicking task bar/ task manager/under process tab. There are a numbers of programs, technically calling .exe files, are functioning in your pc's background which and what exactly of their job is beyond your knowledge, some are obvious like a firefox.exe, your browser's executable file and some are a bit confusing like operating system files, without it your computer will not function properly. What is important is that there also harmful programs called virus and spyware are out there trying to attack you, unfortunately some of them may be there already without your invitation. Now you can check them to get an idea of what is what. Here is a long listing that you want to know. check it out.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Random thought

During this month, I have some extra time to enjoy life. What I do these days? I wish I fed my eyes seeing hot chicks along the Orchard road, hehe. But not like that, I am not going around town for sight-seeing. Well, the fact is I don't even have a slightly idea of what the Sentosa would be, which is the most famous tourist destination of Singapore! Perhaps I might be something wrong.

So these days I stay at home, spending time surfing the Internet, hanging around others blogs finding inspiration to write my own blog. Needless to say most of the blogs I read are from Myanmar bloggers. Some of them are really impressed me. Though I doubt whether I am the only viewer of Zero Topic. A Ha!


I come across an extension of fire fox browser called "performancing" when I was surfing. It said I can post to my blog having no need to require to go to the That's sound intriguing. So I want to test it now. Let's see, here it is.
Guns 'n Roses

One of my favourite band of all time.
Sadly, the former members of them in this photos can no longer perform and create a great music together. Axl Rose is the only original member in the current lineup.

"November Rain", "Don't Cry", "Patience", "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", "the Garden", "Paradise City", and "Sweet Child O' Mine". They are my best-loved songs of them among others.
...., a sad news is that my teacher, Mr......pass away yesterday because of lung cancer. He is at the age of 54 when he died. Par is now 58 and mum is worried about him because his friend, Mr........, Mr......... and Mr............all have gone.

That's an extract from my younger brother e-mail to me two weeks ago. The news do alert me. I always take my parents for granted, everytimes I need help. I feel sorry because I happen to be a burden for them. Regarding my age, it is my turn to support them, not taking from them. But I cannot. I cannot stand on my own feet yet. I know I was a bad son and still am I. Please forgive me for that mum, dad. I really appreciate all you have done for me.