Monday, July 31, 2006

Mozilla Firefox connected with Microsoft IE7 ?

WTF, it's so funny. If you go to you will get to a site that the whole page is covered with one huge Firefox icon and when you click on it, you will be redirected to Firefox download page!

Found via Netscape

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Don't let Firefox open PDF file

Opening PDF file can sometime make your browser crash. It is irritating you know, especially when you have been tabbed browsing in Firefox. That is a big file, so why not download it to temp folder and open it with external PDF Reader. And my opinion is PDF file are best viewed in PDF reader.

  1. Go to the “Tools -> Options” menu
  2. Select the “Downloads” tab
  3. Open “View and Edit Actions…”
  4. Enter “pdf” in the “Search” box
  5. Select “Change Action…”
  6. Change the selection from “Use this Plugin” to “Open them with the default application”, which should point to Adobe Acrobat Reader, or here is showing my favorite Foxit Reader
Disabling PDF Display in Firefox [XForms Everywhere via lifehacker]

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogger Comment and TrackBack Trick

I have redesigned my blog again. I used to use templates from Gecko & Fly. They are free for individual use and I like their design. Because I know nothing about html coding and web design, and especially because I find it always boring to learn from reading books and online tutorials, I used their templates and learn from it at the same time. I've noticed the two web sites this and this also are providing good and free stuffs. Though this time I took the one from blogger itself and modified it a bit.

Another major change is that I switched back the comment box from Haloscan to Blogger. Although Haloscan is giving me a good service and I enjoy having an excellent time with her, I cannot completely run away from my old love. Some strong points about Blogger comment are that enabling Google back link so that I know who is linking my post, with Haloscan somehow I'm not seeing that back link in my post footer. And Blogger comment is compatible with coComment that make easy for my fellow bloggers to keep track of their comments on my posts*. Moreover most of the posts about how to hack and the tips and tricks of comment are based on blogger comment. And I want to try some.

But I've still liked to keep Haloscan's TrackBack system. So I googled to find how to do it and came up with one decent post explaining the process. In fact I just want to be confirmed whether it is possible to do so. Then I browse back to Haloscan auto-install for blogger page again and went through the steps untill I find their code for Blogger template, that is at step 4. Instead of procedding the following steps, I copied them to replace with Blogger comment code as mention in above article. After saving the template and republishing it, I checked the result. It works!

* update: I've jsut noticed Haloscan is also compatible with coComment. What the hell! Technology today is changing in minutes!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Technorati New Look

One of the great blog search engine and tool for bloggers, Technorati has redesigned their site adding several features like Discover, Popular, Tags, Favorites. I found their new look appealing, if you haven't noticed yet, better check it.
See a post and video for more information.
What other bloggers' views on upgrade: Techcrunch and Problogger.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Funny Guy

Are you first dating with the girl you love and thinking of how to impress her or how to act convincingly? This guy will show you!

Found via: How to use Google to get a girl and get laid

Better Search in Firefox

Look my little blog is popping up on Google and Click on them for the larger view.

When we type certain keywords in search engine like Google, we get thousands of links to look up. It's a pain following each link and click a go back button again and again to take a new search because you are not satisfied with that page. Why not search them on that very page, on Google, like most feed readers do, instead of opening links in a new window or tab. If your are using a Firefox browser, half of your problem is solved already. For the another half go and get an extension called BetterSearch. After installing it and restarting your browser, just click the quick preview icon next to the search result. Now your are able to see the desired site, in the same page you are searching. Don't forget that this icon and it's use are only for the search engine. It works on most of the popular search sites. You will find the list in the extension options under Tools menu.

There are some cool features as well, for example, the screenshot (thumbnails) of the link you're likely to see, site info and archive link. And they are flexible enough that you always have an option to enable and disable them at whatever time you feel like.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Bloggers and their personal life.

  • 54 percent of bloggers are under the age of 30.
  • Women represented 46 percent of bloggers versus men at 54 percent
  • 76 percent of bloggers say the reason they blog is to document their personal experience and share them with others.
  • 64 percent say they blog to share practical knowledge or skills with others.
  • 54 percent of bloggers say they have never published their writing or media creations anywhere else versus 44 percent who said they have.
  • 37 percent of bloggers believed that 'my life and experiences' were the primary topics of their blog.
  • 87 percent of bloggers allow comments on their blog.
  • 72 percent of bloggers post photos to their blog.
  • 41 percent of bloggers say they have a blogroll or friends list on their blog.
  • 8 percent of bloggers earn money on their blog.

Read more @ More bloggers get more personal

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ads I like

Source: How Advertising Spoiled Me Warning: Some ads are not suitable for under age!
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Add Google IG to Firefox browser sidebar.

The idea is to load Google Personalized Homepage to firefox browser side bar so that we can replace Google Desktop Sidebar. No installation process, no browser hack, so easy that it seems as simple as abc! Erica Joy's blog reveal how to do it. Pageflakes and Netvibes should do the same work as Google, though I haven't tested yet.

via: lifehacker
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Myanmar character picker

For those who are unfamiliar with keyboard layout of Myanmar font, this page, Myanmar characater picker, will probably solve your problem. Suitable for a few sentences only, for a big paragraph, you'd better learn typing! Click the character to compose the text, after that copy and paste them to your notepad, but you need to install necessary font beforehand.

via: Burma - Yunnan - Bay of Bengal

Free icons for web application

Image Hosted by

Plenty of downloadable free icons are in one page on the net! Truth, they are neatly presented just to serve you. Must bookmark page, I recommend, if you are a web designer. Though I am not the one so I just take a look at the screenshots of them. They rock! Think about it you get them free of charge.

Zidane Game

To play a game you need a flash player, if you don't have, click here to download. Refresh the browser to play again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What a life!

Now I'm really sick and tired of struggling life in an foreign country. I've already thought it must be tough before I came here. But one thing I cannot stand is solving others problem, not my own! I can handle for myself. No problem how difficult life would be. Everybody here has each problem. And some tend to find helps from friends. It's ok, if your is a tiny one. That's what a friendship is for, I know. But you should not ask for somebody everytime you need, especially if your trouble is really big. For that kind of friend, you can do nothing but refuse. Just say him no, short and simple. And be firm on your decision. No need to explain this and that, long and unnecessary. Such a person know exactly the way to persuade and how to act accordingly to get a help from you. If you go deep into detail, you will find yourself stuck in his words. Unfortunately today I have to answer or refuse using this way to one of my friend who keep on asking me for help. It sounds a bit cruel, but I cannot help. Because I cannot even help myself in this situation. F**k, I hate to do it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane, the best player of the 2006 World Cup.

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Despite being sent-off in the final, Zinedine Zidane won the Golden Ball award. I'm glad after all, watching him the moment he walked out of the pitch just to end his career like that way is really sad for me. It's just unacceptable for the living legend. Now this award will relieve the pain in some degree for him and for his fans. Congratulation Zizou, you are the man!

The true blue, Italy

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After 24 years waiting, Tonight Azzurri make 2006 FIFA World Cup to their name as a four times champion. Well done, you deserve it. Though I feel sorry for Les Bleus. Anyway France and Italy are alike both my favourite, so I am happy in the end.

World Cup is over. I really enjoy it but oh, now it's time again to start studying for the exam next month, damn! That also means I cannot regularly update ZeroTopic. But it doesn't mean I'm quitting. So please stay in touch, although you may find no update in two weeks or so!

Friday, July 07, 2006

I hate Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo suddenly find himself as a new found villain after Rooney's sent off and a couple of amateur dives he did the match against France.

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Rooney's red card Video

There is a website,

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cool scripts

Here I'd like to share some more cool scripts resided in my blogger template. Trust me they rock!

Adding icon for all posts

Just to appear this icon inside my all posts, I had spent days before I found the right way! Put that code into your template, next to the comments and permalink, also know as link to this post, your code must be between <Blogger> and </Blogger> section.

<a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>&title=<$BlogItemTitle$>" target="blank" title="Post to"><img src=""</a>

It make your readers life more easy to bookmark on by clicking on any of your posts they are interested.

Browsing by topics or categories

This is the latest script i put to my template. I've been imaging to display delicious tagrolls to my blog ever since I've noticed that feature. But I found it's one and only draw back that it take too much space to put all the tags I have. I don't like that style so I drop it! Worth waiting though I came across this excellent site which allow me to choose various type of tag display. Here I selected a drop down menu bar for Zero Topic.

Update : It's not working when I test after posting this! Yet I'm not removing it right away, hoping they might fix it soon!
Now settled, no problem using it at all. Posts will be found just below the drop down menu bar after selecting from the list. Check the follow up answer in comment. Thanks Greg.

Adding Pandora to your blog sidebar

I've put this for fun! I like Pandora and it's fabulous songs. I came to know a good deal of fantastic new songs on Pandora. So I thought that it would not be a bad idea letting them in my blog. Some of you guys likely to find them useful. To add them, you have to register yourself here first, then create stations based on artist or song. You need to listen of course to acquire songs. After that bookmark them and generate html code to copy and past to template so that your songs will bee seen on your blog.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Outfit

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Arsenal revealed a new kit for next season. While 2006 World Cup reach it's peak tempo, starting semifinal tonight, I can't help thinking which existing Gunners can have a happy ending, Jens Lehmann or Thierry Henry or unfortunately none of them!

Bypassing Compulsory Registration

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Are you tired of creating an account every time you visit to free e-books sites or music forums just to download the stuffs you want? That painful registration process can be bypassed easily. Just type the URL of websites that force you to register into bugmenot's get logins box. Then copy and paste one of the usernames and passwords you've been given to that particular site you're browsing.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup drama

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We just cannot take it!

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Deciding a win over penalty kick is so cruel that it is enough to make the man like John Terry cry. When it comes to the penalty, England never win in major competition.

This 2006 World Cup is not for Brazil

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France won 1-0 over favourites Brazil. Henery's only goal is just enough to kick them out of the tournament. Zidane is genius, an exceptional player. His performance is still amazing despite of an old age. He gave a good lesson to Brazilian, showing them who is the king of football. Such a sweet victory that I cannot decribe in words. Actually that is the second times, I already experienced this kind of good feeling 8 years ago, World Cup final match in 1998, even more sweeter that night, France beat them in style, winning 3-nil over Brazil, the lads lifted up the trophy. Bye bye Brazil, you guys just wait at least another 4 years dreaming how to defeat France in World Cup. Now Brazil and Argentina were out, 2006 World Cup trophy will be held up by hands of European.