Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sansa e280 rival of iPod Nanno ?

sandisksansae200xl7.jpgWe have seen a couple of mp3 players come and go, naming themselves iPod rival or iPod killer. Still Apple's iPod series are the king, holding majority of the market share. Here comes a new one, Sansa e280 from SanDisk. Can this little thing make a significant impact on the giant brand? It obviously has some potential like the same price as iPod Nanno has but more storage offer that is eight gigabytes of flash memory, and the features like memory expansion slot, FM radio tuner and voice recording are somethings iPod Nanno lack of. Moreover Sansa e280 has reportedly a longer battery life than iPod. Well, I'm watching!

Found via : Slashdot and CBC News.

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